About Us

Our History

Founded in 1981, Campus Pizza Co., has been a neighbourhood favourite in Edmonton, Alberta for over 40 years. 

We've been creating handcrafted pizzas using our signature recipes since day one. Our recipes and love of our neighbourhood are what makes us who we are today.

The ownership of the company has passed through Eli, Gus, Tom, Kwack, Jimmy, and now to Dave & Dustin. Each time the recipes and love for the restaurant have been carefully handed down with a promise to keep the recipes a secret.

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We love hearing stories of families growing up on our pizza and now raising their children on Campus Pizza Nights! 

We hope we can be part of your family traditions and your pizza nights.


Our pizza is made for our neighbours, so come say hi to your neighbours and grab a pizza!

Our Food

Since 1981 we have been handcrafting our pizzas the same way, fresh made dough, our pizza sauce recipe, and our signature cheese on top.


Our dough is made using simple and delicious ingredients, creating a fluffy yet crispy crust that we are known for. We use the original recipe that Campus Pizza was founded on. Thick, buttery, crisp, and delicious is how our customers have described it. We take the time to make fresh dough and let it naturally rise, so you know each pizza you get is made fresh.

Our sauce, a secret that has also been passed down since 1981, is made using wholesome ingredients, the same way you would imagine your grandma making it.  We make it fresh right in the restaurant!

Campus Pizza - Fresh Pizza

Cheese on Top! That's the way we make our pizzas. All the delicious pizza toppings of your choice are covered under our signature cheese blend. Using the right cheese blend that melts beautifully is the final touch to our pizzas, and we've kept that signature blend since 1981. 

Not only do we make great pizzas, we've also carried on the tradition of offering subs, donairs, salads, and more! All of our recipes are true to who we are, family, handcrafted, and made for our neighbours.